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Cape Town's PURE Rock Station!

PubRock Online Radio broadcasts live from Cape Town, South Africa. Born in September 2012, we pride ourselves on ‘content’ rather than spam you with the same commercial bull dust everyone has now come to accept in normal FM Radio, and some other major streaming radio stations!

Grunge, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Indie and a dash of local flavour from way back then until now. You will not hear the same track repeat on you, which is variety playlisted to perfection! But still giving you music you know, and music you thought you forgot. No ADS, no TALKING, no BAD NEWS!

It's simple, you’ve made it here, well done! Now you have options to listen via the PubRock site itself, Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or Real Player. PubRock is now also listed on Windows Media, iTunes, ShoutCast, RadioTuna, DeliCast, Streamfinder, Tuner24, StreamingTheNet and too many more to mention.

PubRock has also been featured 4 times as Editor Pick under the Rock Category by Window Media Guide. 

Now that you've selected your method of playing (and heck!! You have so many!), listen to the perfect sound mixed by the latest in broadcasting software and streaming LIVE to you at 128kbps.. That is CD quality dudes! If you didn't know.

We would also love to hear from you, REALLY!! So drop us a mail or request a song! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. The station was built for you! So best you let us know what you’d like!

LIVE! From The Mother City!  Cape Town, South Africa
Windows Media is not just a music streaming provider, they do
entertainment of any kind. Follow the link to find out more. Check PubRock out under the Internet Radio's Rock category
If you prefer iTunes, we are listed under the Alternative category. You can download iTunes for your PC or Mac by following the link.
TuneIn is my personal favourite for streaming music on-the-go with apps available for every mobile device and operating system. Sleek design including Album Art/Song Title. Visit the link to find out more.
BlackBerry users will find the Nobex Radio app superb. We know you are a picky bunch! That's why PubRock is available on your phone too..
Yep, it's true.. Nokia's Internet Radio App also lists PubRock! Damn, we must be good!
Tune in and listen to thousands of internet radio stations, including PubRock Online Radio! is the internet radio portal to listen online to your favourite radiostations, including, yes you guessed it! - PubRock Online Radio
PubRocK on Blackberry
Whether Submitting a Track
Or Letting Us Know What You Think. Don't Be Shy!

Soneike, Kuilsriver, Cape Town, South Africa


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Prog Rock (Pink Floyd, Rush, Opeth)
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Alternative Rock (REM, Coldplay, RHCP, NIN)
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